Protecting your pets from predators

When you are planning a holiday or trip away and cannot take your dog. They provide a safe environment for your dog for periods when you are unable to take care of them.

A lot of dog owners worry about the stress that may be placed on their dog by being put in unfamiliar surroundings, but the majority of kennels will work their hardest to reduce these stress levels.  Some kennels will offer one on one playtimes to encourage the dog out of their kennel and it is always a good idea to give the kennel owners familiar objects, such as blankets and toys from home.  Try and seek out a dog kennel that will make the effort to reduce stress.  It will also put your mind at ease if you know the kennel is committed to your dog and its needs.

Some dogs will settle into a kennel without too much trouble but others may be affected in a negative manner and may stop eating or bark continuously.  If you are worried your dog may be unsettled take your time and make kennel visits are part of a routine leading up to your holiday.  This will ease the situation when it is finally holiday time.

Many dog kennels will also offer grooming and training services in addition to boarding making it a “one-stop-shop” for all three services.

Before choosing a kennel for your dog it is important to do your research to make sure you are sending your beloved pet into a caring and responsible environment where you are confident they will receive the level of care you expect. You do not want your dog to be left in a cold impersonal environment as this will most certainly have a negative effect on your dog’s health and welfare.

A good idea is to drop into the dog kennel unannounced so you can get a feel for how the kennel is really run.  If you have to make an appointment make sure that you have a good look around. Make sure the place where the dog will be boarded is clean, run by people who love dogs and who will give your dog the attention it deserves.  Ask other dog owners where they send their dogs and get recommendations.  It is imperative you check that the dog kennel’s council inspections are up to date.  Generally, if it feels wrong, it probably is, so have faith in your instincts.

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